MosquitoGard Vortex
MosquitoGard Vortex
MosquitoGard Vortex
MosquitoGard Vortex
MosquitoGard Vortex
MosquitoGard Vortex
MosquitoGard Vortex

    MosquitoGard Vortex

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    Designed for Perfection

    The lightweight, sleek, and versatile design of MosquitoGard will look great in any area of your home.

    Harness the power of UV Light

    Energy-Efficient and Medical Grade Ultraviolet Light is used to attract mosquitoes and any tiny insects that lurking in some areas of your house with a range of 365nm to 395nm. The gentle fan imitates the flow of air, an effective method to catch mosquitoes. Combine, they are an enticing attraction to mosquitoes and any flying insects. 

    Silent is the key

    You don’t need to be annoyed with any loud noises from a standard mosquito killer. Once the mosquito gets in the inescapable trap, the gentle and silent fan will quickly and effectively dry out the mosquitoes without any noise or danger to your pets or kids.

    USB Powered

    Easy to operate with a USB interface that allows you to power and use the mosquito killer lamp with a mobile adapter, power bank, computer, and more. It is also energy efficient, with its power input of only 5V, you don’t need to worry about electric shock or accident due to high voltage.

    No Messy Cleanup

    Effectively store dead mosquitoes in a storage bin without the mess that comes with traditional mosquito killer. Simply unlock the storage bin and remove the dead mosquitoes, with no messy cleanup.

    Easy to Carry

    With its portable design, you can take it anywhere.

    360 Degree of Protection

    Protect your room from mosquitoes with a 360-degree radius of protection..

    • When using put the MosquitoGard's Vortex in a dark and closed area for better effect, and don't walk around next to it when you use it.
    • Turn on this lamp for a while before you go to bed, and leave it alone in the bedroom to catch mosquitoes.
    • 1-meter above the ground will have a greater effect.
    • Do not open the collection bin frequently. This mosquito killer lamp works to trap the mosquitoes, collect them in the tray, and make them die of deprivation.
    • We recommend to turn on Vortex for longer hours for more effective results.
    Weight: 460g
    Size: 120 x 120 x 220mm (12 x 12 x 22cm)
    Material: ABS + PC + Leather
    Input: 5V (500mA)
    UV Wave Band: 365 to 395nm
    Applicable Area: 20-50 square meters
    • 1 x MosquitoGard Vortex
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x Leather Strap
    • 1 x Manual
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